Picea at the Ötzerhof


And: Who else lives at the Ötzerhof?

Picea is the Latin name for spruce. Three striking Picea abies (common spruces) surround the main house of the Ötzerhof and seem to literally protect the house.

So we not only brought the spruce into the house with its name, but also had furniture made from spruce wood, which gives the modern and minimalist architecture of the apartments their loving and cozy ambience. The light and bright wood enables you to retreat into yourself, it grounds and calms you down - it not only strengthens your nerves, but also cleanses your respiratory tract when you breathe deeply.

The spruce trees that you can see from the flats have quite a few stories to tell about the Ötzerhof. For example, of the year 1929, when the Kiem family acquired the Ötzerhof and ran the farm with livestock and arable farming. Anton and Josefa sold their treasures at various markets in the Burggrafenamt at that time.

In 1978, the next generation with Toni and Maria built the now existing main house and started renting out rooms on the farm, as well as the apartment at the nearby Spiesshof. Not only Toni and Maria, but also the next generation with Seffi and Oswald made the Ötzerhof a home for many guests and friends from far away with much love, hospitality and diligence.

Even today, the spruces stand next to the newly built apartments and watch as the next generation with Stefan and Lisa Maria build a new kind of hospitality business for the Ötzerhof.

Picea at the Ötzerhof
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